3 New Finds From Indie Radio

Today, I’m back with three new finds from indie radio that I think are worth a listen. First up is Maggie Rogers with her beautiful and moving new song “Don’t Forget Me”. I especially love the way she sings the pre-chorus and chorus. Next is Kings of Leon with “Mustang”. I’m not sure how I […]

Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish’s Lesser-Known Masterpiece

You probably know Billie Eilish from her #1 hit “Bad Guy”, or the song “What Was I Made For?” (from its placement in the Barbie movie and its subsequent award show performances). But have you ever heard “Ocean Eyes”? While it may be old news to Eilish superfans (as it was first released in 2015), […]

Freddie Mercury’s Record Collection

In September 2023, Freddie Mercury’s friend and inheritor Mary Austin auctioned his record collection through Sotheby’s London. For posterity, the 225 recordings included were: [Brian May], Who Wants To Live Forever [Christmas], Christmas Concertos [Christmas], Christmas With Nat King Cole [Christmas], Now The Christmas Album [Christmas], Phil Spector’s Christmas Album [Christmas], The Greatest Hits Of […]

Lennon-McCartney: The Next Generation? (Primrose Hill)

James McCartney (the son of Paul McCartney), has a new song out called “Primrose Hill” – which is currently making waves, because even though it’s been released solely under his name, he co-wrote it with Sean Ono Lennon (the son of John Lennon). Could this be a first step towards a new Lennon-McCartney partnership, or […]

Something Like A Used Record Store

In 1998, Pearl Jam released their cover version of “Last Kiss” (the original was from Wayne Cochran in 1961) – which somewhat surprisingly became their highest charting track to date. I understood the appeal. The song was one that I had heard on Oldies radio from time to time growing up, and it had firmly […]